what pronouns do you use?

I am female, and I go by “she”.

Thank you for caring!! We need more people like you! 

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i need tattoo suggestions, from you and your followers! i want something about nature/animals/the cosmos/mother nature (not a quote!), and preferably in b&w, on my inner wrist. please help !

as in an image, or a phrase? 

does anyone have a suggestion?

I really enjoy giving you guys advice and stuff so if you need anything, I’m here ☺️

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she’s a sloth


○〜○ I'm afraid of bugs but I love the outdoors and plants and I want to start gardening too. Do you have any tips on overcoming my fear? -k

I used to be very, very afraid of wheel bugs when I was younger. But I came to realize that bugs are living things that are only trying to survive and that they in no way want to hurt me. Lots of bugs may not even notice you, and those that do will try to avoid you.

Lots of insects are beneficial to the garden! Working with them is more fun than working against them! Butterflies and bees help pollinate flowers and are vital to plant reproduction. Even wheel bugs are beneficial (which is how I came to like them!) — they like to eat pest bugs that will eat your plants.

If you’re very afraid, you can always try to find some sort of bug spray that you can apply (and it should do the trick and keep bugs away from you).

Just remember that insects (and arachnids) are never out to hurt you. They are very small and you are very large and scary to them. Good luck!! ☺️

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