hello i'm morg hello i'm morg

I know a lot of you started school today and I just hope it all went well!!


Wish you weren't single!!!

Aw aw! ☺️ I’m not going to be single for a very long time!


i love your hair, you're too cute!

You’re too cute!! Aw aw aw ☺️ thank you thank you

My hair is the same color as the redwoods


Hey there I'm Sophie and I saw the seedlings network and I think it's a wonderful idea:) I just submitted the survey; id realllly love to be a part of it! Have a lovely day Xx

thank you so much!! you’re so great!


what do you do with these crystals ?

as in the ones I purchased from frenchtown? I know a lot of people use them as healing crystals and it’s a very spiritual thing! I just really love the way they look and I collect them for fun

Okay! The network applications are closed! I’ll be picking the last few members tomorrow and Friday! Keep your ask boxes open!

You’re all so lovely, it’s so hard to choose! 

My little thoughts and feelings journal

I have a hard time letting go of the things that mattered

my cool girlfriend

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